Face of NYC: Brooklyn Pillars

Face of NYC: Brooklyn Pillars

A unique art piece from our Changing Faces Inception Compilation. The concept features a Fusion of Art within Art diplayed on our beautiful Floating Canvas. This particular piece speaks to how deep NYC's Transit system is embebbed throughout the city like veins under one's skin.

- Original 2020 Photograph printed on Giclee Canvas Wrap.

- Canvas is tightly wrapped around a wood frame with center support bar.

- Canvas wrap is outlined with wood frame. (White Finish)

- High resolution printing with vibrant color prodution.

- Hand brushed gloss varnished. (Gloss Finish).

- Size:

28x28 Canvas Size (30x30 With Floating Wood Outline Frame)


36x36 Canvas Size (38x38 With Floating Wood Outline Frame)

- Appearance: Canvas appears to be floating within the frame.

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