Subscription General Detail

  • Choice of a hand picked collection of Modern High Definition Metal Art or Classic Gallery Giclee Canvas Wraps.

  • 4 Month Subscription minimum duration with option to extend for another 4 month at subscription expiration. Subscriptions extend automatically if not cancelled by subscriber.

  • Art Sizes options: 20x30, 30x40 & 40x60

Subscription Setup

  1. Customer processes their purchase of the desired Art Subscription.

  2. JRL Fine Art performs Property Liability Insurance coverage verification. (Most apartment renters & home owners insurance already include such coverage and therefore would be no additional cost to the subscriber.)

  3. Terms & Conditions will be sent to subscriber for signature of agreement. 

  4. Subscription order will be processed once steps 1 -3 are completed.

  • We offer Free Art Delivery/Shipping.

  • Art delivery is dependent upon available inventory and art production times. Estimate of delivery will be provided.

  • Art Subscription will begin on date Art is delivered to the subscriber.

Art Delivery/Return Condition Verification

  • JRL Fine Art representative will schedule delivery of Art Subscription. Subscriber will need to be present at the point of delivery. 

  • Representative will review condition of Art with Subscriber and note any minor damages via electronic "Art Delivery/Return Condition Verification" Form

  • Once Representative and Subscriber have reach agreement on delivery condition of subscription art, both will sign & date electronic "Art Delivery/Return Condition Verification" form.

  • This process will also take place when subscriber is returning Art subscription to JRL Fine Art to verify condition of Art when being being returned by subscriber.

Returned Items Requirements

  • All Art packaging (Box, protection panel, & Art plastic sleeve)

  • Wall hanging assembly (Cleat and screws)

Damaged / Theft / Unreturned Art

  • If damage to the art is assessed, the subscriber can choose one of the following options:

  1. For Damaged Art only: Subscriber can purchase the Art piece at the current retail price. Pricing of each Art piece is listed below in the Insurance section. (Subscription Payments can be applied against the purchase price. Additional discounts may apply.)

  2. For Damaged, Theft, or Unreturned Art: A Liability insurance claim can be processed to cover the cost of Damaged, Theft, or Unreturned Art.

Description of Damage to High Definition Metal Art​:

  1. Any chipping, chuffing, scratch or cut of Art surface or edges.

  2. Any bending, chipping or break of Art surface or frame.

  3. Any separation of Art surface from metal frame.

Subscription Expiration/Cancellations 

  • JRL Fine Art will contact subscriber prior to subscription expiration to inquire if the subscriber would like to cancel subscription and return or if they would like to continue their current subscription on a month to month basis.

  • A Subscriber can cancel their subscription at any point of the terms. However, please note that the subscriber is this responsible for all remaining monthly payments of subscription at the point of cancellation.

  • If a subscriber purchases Art and applies Subscription credits to that purchase, their current Art subscription can be cancel without the payment responsibility of remaining subscription payments. See "Art Purchase Options" Section for more detail.

  • If a subscription expires and the subscriber decides not extend there subscription or if subscriber cancels subscription before expiry date, Art will be collected from subscriber and inspected for damage.

Property Liability Insurance

  • ​Property Liability Insurance coverage is required for all subscriptions. Most apartment renters & home owners insurance policies already include such coverage and therefore would cause no additional cost to the subscriber.

  • Proof of such insurance is required in order for the subscription to be approved and processed. This will enable us to verify that the subscribers insurance policy will cover the cost of our Art while in the possession and care of the subscriber for the duration of their art subscription period.

  • Here is a list of the current Art subscriptions that we offer and the associated cost to be paid to JRL Fine Art in the event that a subscribed Art piece is Damaged, Stolen, or Unreturned:

Gallery Giclee Canvas Wrap Art

20x30 | $320

30x40 | $592

40x60 | $1,092

Chromaluxe High Definition Metal Art

20x30 | $438

30x40 | $785

40x60 | $2,223

  • If subscribers Insurance confirms that policy does not cover Art, JRL Fine Art will cancel subscription and refund subscribers initial subscription payment.

  • If subscribers Liability insurance policy is cancelled at any point of subscription period will result in cancellation of this Terms & Conditions agreement and return of subscription art.

Art Refresh

  • Art subscription can be extended for another 3 months at expiration. 

  • Subscriber can keep existing Art or Refresh decor with a New Art piece. 

  • If subscriber request a larger size bare in mind that price difference for the upgrade will apply.

  • If an Art Refresh is requested JRL Fine Art will collect the subscribers current Art Piece 

  • An Art Refresh will be available only after inspection process of the returned Art piece is completed.

Art Purchase Options

  • The subscriber has the option to purchase their subscription art at any point of their subscription.

  • We value your investment, therefore all monthly payments associated with a subscription will be credited to the subscriber's Art piece purchase! 

  • Subscription credit will also apply to a of JRL Fine Art that is not apart of the Art Subscription Service. 

If you are in agreement with the stated Art Subscription Terms & Conditions, please fill in and sign below agreement form.